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Short-Term Rehab Bridge Loans

The majority of investments i.e., stocks, bonds, natural resources etc focus on timing and unit cost. On the other hand, commercial property provides the investor with a tangible asset with calculable appreciation margins. Critical factors for every successful transaction rest upon the Borrower’s overall strategy, purchase terms and management skills. If the investment strategy is driven by the need for retirement income, creating generational wealth or simply expanding streams of income there are almost always additional benefits in the form of tax considerations.

Avoidable Risks

Cardinal rule … location …location ...location. Don’t buy the wrong property in the wrong neighborhood. Understand what type of commercial properties are moving. Who are the players and what they are doing to be profitable. This type of information is available and should be known as part of your due diligence. MLS is a start but really doesn’t provide a comprehensive view. A knowledgeable, trustworthy

Broker can prove invaluable. Also consider commercially available algorithms in selecting the “right” property for you.

Door Opening Advantage

Regardless as whether you a new investor or a seasoned professional, you can acquire commercial property with other people’s money. Almajid & Associates can assist you in your project funding needs. We take this opportunity to present a Short-Term Rehab Bridge loan. The loan amounts can include up to 100% of the rehabilitation funds and up to 75% of the After Repair Value. Loan amounts range from $250k - $10M*. This is prefect for small to mid-size projects that have low/no occupancy and major rehab with lots of upside potential.

  • 3 points

  • Multi-family, Office, Retail

  • Manufactured, Industrial

  • NOO 1-4 family, Condos, Townhomes

  • Fix-n-flip or Hold


*subject to borrower’s qualification

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