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This loan option consists of registered bank instruments, including SBLC’s, LC’s BG’s to be used for project financing. They can be fresh cut, leased and used for monetization or project based collateral.


Loan Amount            $10M-$500M

Monetization LTV      40%-85% (Varies based upon issuing bank)

Purpose                     Project finance only (1 yr + 1 day issue)

Timing (est)               Issuance: 3-10 days   (Varies based upon issuing bank)

                                   Monetization: 15+ days

Term                          365 + 1 day renewable

Location                    US & select international

Bank Fees                10% + 2% 

Recourse                  Non-Recourse (Subject to standard ‘bad-boy” carve outs)

Processing Fees      $200k+

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